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Nike Air Max 90 Air Yeezy 2 Sp Mens Red Authentic Leather
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Nike Air Max 2016 Mens Dark Blue Red White For Sale 2016
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Nike Air Free 5.0 Flyknit Womens Purple Black 2016 Sale
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Nike Shox Deliver Women Shoesofprey Buy
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Q: what is the new functions for the Air VaporMax
A: in fact,the first time wearing Air VaporMax, you will feel a never had a stiff sense of foot, because there is no smooth transition in the foam midsole, feet directly on the air cushion feeling or some alternative, In particular, the cushion of the front palm is more rigid, coupled with exaggerated large groove design of the soles, and sometimes even suspect that the foot is stepped on a pair of football spikes. This strange feeling needs some time to adapt, after the run-in, Air VaporMax whether walking or running the overall sense of foot or relatively light.
For traditional running shoes, because of the presence of a solid midsole, the supported portion is often visible to the naked eye, whereas for Air VaporMax, the air-filled cushioning is intangible, and for the wearer to run Psychologically easier without a sense of security.
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